So a few years ago I was being coached by another songwriter*. 
This was in light of a show I was going to play for a small, indoor folk festival*.
Right off the bat I got the question: Why do you write?
I guess this was a stab at starting a philosophical conversation about why we do what we do.
And… I gotta say… It hit home. I love these kinds of talks and moments of sinking into thoughts.
So I threw myself in there and I actually wrote about why I write.
If that makes sense?
Wasn’t trying to be cheeky but I guess some sense of pride befell on me when I finished writing it.
I’m so vain…

Anyway, here’s the text. I hope it inspires, motivates or mildly amuses anyone out there.
If it does, I will cling on to you for my dear life. 
(That’s my way of saying I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this.)

(click to read, if you can.)

Let me know why you write or create.
Maybe we could be creative together someday.
Always into that kinda thing!


{ * I don’t feel like dropping names but if you’re too curious, drop me a line and I’ll disclose. I’m just that cool a guy… }

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